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Restoring your femininity

If you found yourself here with me, you may be struggling to reconnect with your feminine core. Let me start by saying you aren’t the problem.

This world pushes two messages for women: “Go out and achieve, be a boss babe” BUT “Be an involved mother, if not you don’t love your children” its insane!

As if these conflicting messages weren’t enough, add the “Women are equals” to men argument and the result is a loss of magically femininity for the women who need it the most.

Would you believe me if I said this was done on purpose? Femininity is a retreat for a woman. It’s a soft, soothing energy that we deserve to be in all the time, THEN others can benefit. Husbands and children also thrive in our feminine energy.

Since the world denies us our right to softness in exchange for pseudo equality, we don’t get to stay in our softness. Instead we go into passive aggressive environments, filled to the brim with micro aggressions and stereotypes to battle.


This is why I created THE WIFESTYLE ACADEMY. You can be soft and safe. You don’t have to live in the energy someone else chose for you.

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