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The art of disengaging

Lets face it.

The world is not an easy place for feminine women.

Staying in sweet, nurturing energy when the world promotes a STRONG and hard woman can make you stick out like a sore thumb.

I can’t count how many times my softness has made me a target! Women and men have seen my sweetness as something to either attach to OR have this weird desire to bait me into a fight.

Want to know how I stayed safe?

I learned to the art of disengaging.

Sweet heart, everything doesn’t require a response. Im not asking you to “ bite your tongue” I’m asking you to deny your irritator what they want. If their goal is to upset you, why allow them that?

Im asking, no matter how difficult it gets to keep your core goals in mind. This keeps you powerful. It takes practice.

Practice makes improvement, not perfection.

Until next time…….


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