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The Willis Gap Fund is a 501c3 organization poised to initiate a  new essential resource developed by founders Tiffany  and Lamar Willis . TWGF  is a model organization with a focus on providing financial resources for job placement ,trade programs and the completion of traditional higher education. The focus is to award male and female  recipients ages (25-40yrs old) in dire need  from unconventional backgrounds.  The Willis Gap Fund joins the fight to empower economic social engineering against the discrimination of reentering citizens,  the systematic marginalization of people of color and the financial empowerment of women.


Our mission is to assist people who are seriously in need of assistance to bridge the gap and the holes that are often seen when someone is reaching towards educational goals. We are here to assist in making their efforts sustainable. An example of our charity in SRA would be assisting cosmetology students who lack funds for tools yet have tuition, A collegiate student who lacks funding for books or a downpayment on off campus housing.  We are 100% engaged and working on sustainable, long-term goals for  our recipient demographic. Standing in the Gap for marginalized people of color who are striving to attain their educational and career goals. We are now engaged in our start up phase of funding this very much needed Initiative and we are fully confident that our efforts will have a positive impact in our communities. 


Our Initiatives are:

  • Stand. Retain. Attain Program

  • Tools for Transformation

  • Turning Point Recidivism Project

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